An Interesting Case for Miles

Miles Historical Village has been continually developing it’s collections for the past 40 years and they have just taken another positive step towards further engaging with their visitors by re-vamping many of the collection cases, housing some of the their most important assets. 

miles case

Timeline Heritage worked with the village management team and our marketing and graphic design team to come up with some very visually appealing displays to include signage and the new cases which were hand crafted by students at the Miles High School.

Assessing Heritage in Bli Bli

Timeline Heritage have been awarded the contract to undertake a Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment on the Bli Bli provisional school site on Willis Road.  This project is being conducted on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Council and seeks to provide a detailed assessment of the cultural heritage values of the place.   The assessment will be carried out in accordance with the conservation principles of The Burra Charter and considers the impact upon the physical attributes of the place, the setting or context of the place, and other factors that contribute to the cultural heritage significance.

 bli bli school

We will consult with members of the community including the local school, the Bli Bli on Maroochy Historical Society and the Descendants of Aboriginal and South Sea Islanders.

Boncuklu Goes Live!

We are now pleased to announce the completion of the website which carries lots of information about the Boncuklu project – the excavation of a 10,500 year old archaeological site in Central Turkey.  Please take a moment to visit the website at, where you will find out about life in Neolithic Boncuklu. During the excavation season you can watch as we uncover new discoveries and read the daily updates (between mid July and September). 

For the Boncuklu Hoyuk project, we have now delivered a number of the planned elements of interpretation, including:


  • a new visitor centre at the site which has a series of graphic panels that explain what is going on there in Turkish and English.  
  • a children’s booklet - presenting the excavation findings with the assistance of cartoons that help to give an impression of what life was like in Turkey in the Neolithic. There are both Turkish and English versions.

We have plans to develop the interpretation further next year, so keep a look out for further developments....

RADF grant project in Miles

We are very pleased to announce that a Regional Arts Development Fund application for a project to uplift the interpretation at the Miles Historical Village & Museum has been successful and Timeline has been engaged to carry out the work. This will be a 6-9 month long project working with the local community in Miles and we are really looking forward to it.

As planned, in this first stage, we have selected the 6 most significant objects identified in the Significance Statement and will redisplay these with accompanying graphic panels which will help to explain the stories waiting to be told about these real objects. 

Content developed for the interpretation of the significant objects will also be utilised in a new Village booklet, to be sold in the shop, as well as being made available in more detail online.


Follow updates for the project on our Blog page.

The Village cares for over 44,000 objects

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